Pressgram has been funded!

Pressgram has been funded!

Pressgram has been Kickstarted! John Saddington, WP Daily publisher and all-around entrepreneur, will receive more than $50,000 to put toward his Instagram-inspired brainchild.

Pressgram aims to be a photo-filtering app that will allow users to post their creations directly into WordPress, or share across various social networks.

In addition to the direct-to-WordPress option, the key difference between Pressgram and Instagram is in the content philosophy: Pressgram declares all photos are the sole property of the user.

The successful funding was a bit of a last-minute rally, as earlier this week WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg pulled his $10,000 pledge after realizing the project conflicted with his open-source ethos:

But the WordPress community supported the project nonetheless, with some offering their followers even more incentives if they made or upped their pledge.

With 6 hours left in the campaign, Pressgram is $2K over their funding goal.



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